2017 Tryouts are over.   Come back next year for this great opportunity to join The Villages SC.  


Choose Date. 1st day all try-out. 2nd day is CALL BACK only.
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Note: Many players have sent emails wanting to play for our team. Please understand that we received hundreds if not thousands of emails from players. Many of those emails are long “resume” type emails and we will not contact anyone that sends them. If there is no way you can participate in ANY of our tryouts you may want to send recent video footage by email (there are no guarantee our coaches will have time to go through all of them).  If you are going to send the footage make sure: 1- it is not older than a couple of months 2- you are clearly marked and we can easily see who you are 3- it is during game situation (practice footage will not be accepted). But to be clear our coaches will not select any player by email or footage alone. They may see potential and request to see you for an evaluation.  With that being said, there is no better way to join our team then having our coaches evaluate you in person during the tryouts.